Your guide in Melilla

Qué saber antes de visitar Melilla

What to know before visiting Melilla. Curiosities and other peculiarities.

Although I know I don’t know everything about Melilla, I want you to open all your senses and above all your mind. To teach you, humbly, everything I know so far about my city.
Cómo llegar a Melilla

How to get to Melilla without dying trying (and how to get around the city)

In this article, I will explain how to get to Melilla without dying trying. I’ll tell you about the two options (remember, plane and ferry) and in addition I’ll tell you (briefly) how to get around the city once you’re there and the different options that exist.
¿Qué deberías ver en Melilla?

What should you see in Melilla? Not to be missed

Melilla has a lot to offer you, a lot to teach you. Intercultural, historical, modernist and coastal. You run the risk of wanting to stay after visiting.

We travel to Melilla to learn more about the history of this beautiful city. We have an exceptional hostess, Jennifer Aragón, who invites us to take a walk through the so-called “Primer Recinto de Melilla la Vieja” (First Precinct of Old Melilla).

Sunrise in Melilla (by Kichouh)

Would you like to enjoy the best sunrise in Melilla? Well, our friend Kichouh from Melilla and in love with the city tells us first hand where to find out where to discover it?

The Galapagos viewpoint

Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed, I come to this place and breathe…And it is in this moment when the world stops…and in front of these views nothing matters, nothing hurts, everything flows.
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