Melilla has a risk ...
the risk of wanting to stay.

Melilla has a risk ... the risk of wanting to stay.

Your guide in Melilla begins its journey as a guided tour company with the aim of disseminating and interpreting the tourist-cultural heritage of the city of Melilla.

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Tourist-cultural services in Melilla

The professionalism conscientiously trained in the tourism-cultural sector and with extensive experience, is demonstrated day by day through the satisfaction of my clients. The ties I create with them are difficult to break.

It is not about taking visitors to a country, monument, museum, place or telling an already predefined cultural discourse, it is about making them live that moment, that trip, that they enjoy and learn, that they know the history, the anecdotes, the secrets …

In short, that the local citizen falls in love with his city again and the visitor wishes to return.

Thanks to my guided visits and tours of the city of Melilla you will be able to get closer to its valuable heritage in a pleasant way, you will get to know the city better, you will have a greater knowledge and empathy for the different cultures that inhabit here and the distorted image that you have of the doors of Europe will change.

Also, if you are thinking of coming to meet us, but you are lost and do not know where to start, I will advise, organize and coordinate your trip to Melilla in a personalized, authentic, sustainable way and without intermediaries so that you do not waste time or money. And if you have no company, we organize group trips to the city with travelers related to your tastes and preferences.

"To know, to protect ... is the motto of Your guide in Melilla."

Awareness of heritage for its preservation is vital for its future conservation and that is why the historical legacy is reinterpreted through an entertaining discourse of the environment.



What do you need? I guide you

What do you need?I guide you

Official guide
in Melilla

The profession of Tourist Guide is regulated in Spain and the rest of Europe. To carry out this profession you need an official government license. The official qualification of Tourism Guide confirms the years of studies, the knowledge of the guide and authorizes him to practice. Choose well who guides you, a professional and not an “amateur”

Tours and

How many times have you traveled a place, taking thousands of photos and, suddenly, you have realized that you do not know what is in front of you? It is not about taking visitors to a monument, museum, place and telling a pre-defined cultural discourse. It is about making them live that moment, that they enjoy and learn, that they get to know the history, the anecdotes, the secrets.


Guide bag for companies and cruises

Are you a company or travel agency and are you looking for a local guide for your next combined trip or group event to Melilla or from Melilla? You are in the right place. We have a bag of guides who are thoroughly trained in the cultural tourism sector. By the way, don’t worry about the language, because hWe speak Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Amazigh.

Design your
tailor made trip

Through our travel consultancy we design your itinerary à la carte. Are you curious to visit Melilla, this place that you have been told so much about and you don’t know how? You need help!
My custom route design service is what you are looking for.
Contact us and I will design a tailor-made tour, according to your preferences, time and pocket.

  • star rating  Guía excepcional, apasionada por su ciudad, culta, simpática y guapa.
    Fuimos a Melilla con la duda de si nos gustaría y ver la ciudad a través de sus ojos... read more

    4 de September de 2022

    star rating  La densidad de cultura, historia, arquitectura y paisajes de Melilla es tan impactante como su diversidad. Ecléctica, exótica, amable y singular, MERECE la visita y supera las expectativas

    Como... read more

    29 de August de 2022

    star rating  Fantástica la experiencia de las rutas de los Fuertes Victoria y el Origen .Nuestra guía Jennifer excelente,transmite mucho entusiasmo .
    Un 10 para ella y para la fundación Melilla Ciudad... read more

    22 de August de 2022
  • star rating  Tres días con diferentes rutas para conocer Melilla de la mano de Jennifer. Transmite la pasión por su tierra, su patrimonio y su historia. Un verdadero placer conocer Melilla de... read more

    22 de June de 2022

    star rating  Con motivo del día del Modernismo, Jennifer, nos ha realizado una visita guiada gratuita por algunos de los edificios modernistas más representativos del centro de Melilla. Una ruta muy interesante... read more

    10 de June de 2022

    star rating  Nuestra visita con Jennifer fue excelente.Es una guía fantástica que te hace interesarte y querer conocer más,me hubiera gustado tener más tiempo y ,si vuelvo a Melilla ,la volveré a... read more

    31 de May de 2022
  • star rating  Un diez para la guia que amenizó el recorrido y nos explicó la historia de Melilla de forma amena y didáctica, repetiremos

    29 de April de 2022

    star rating  Me encanto la experiencia ! Jenny, nuestra guía, hizo muy entretenido el recorrido y desarrolló muy bien la historia de Melilla la Vieja!
    Lo que más me impactó fue... read more

    23 de April de 2022

    star rating  Me gustó mucho la forma en que la guía nos contaba la historia y anécdotas. El recorrido es muy interesante y se hace divertido.

    22 de April de 2022
I work with...

To gossip on your own 

To gossip on your own 

About me: Jennifer

More than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector. A traveler par excellence, I have dedicated part of my life to exploring new places and new forms of tourism. Tourist guide, heritage interpreter, travel agent, intercontinental travel coordinator …

The podcast

Do you know what a podcast is?
A sound tour, used to listen to programs, fictions … Enjoy the first podcast from the hands of its protagonists. A sound fiction developed entirely on the Melilla stage.

Appearance in the media

We have been working since 2019 to publicize the cultural and monumental wealth that the city offers. The media have published reports and interviews about our work, which has reached the national and international media.

Blog of your guide in melilla. 

Blog of your guide in melilla. 

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