About me
Jennifer, your guide in Melilla.


More than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector.

A traveler par excellence, I have dedicated part of my life to exploring new places and new forms of tourism.

Diploma in Tourism from the University of Granada and Master in Cultural Tourism, Heritage and Local Development from the University of Malaga, Tourist guide, heritage interpreter, travel agent, coordinator of intercontinental trips and advisor and designer of cultural tourist itineraries…

But above all…

Ambassador of my city around the world and experienced professional with more than 15 years in the tourism sector.

“When I was about 11 years old, I saw a news item in the paper about Fitur and travel … and I told my mother … I said to my mother …
Mom, when I grow up I want to work there.”

Jennifer A.

(Actually, I wasn’t referring to Fitur itself, but to the world that could be observed, through all those images of countries that surrounded the aisles of that giant exhibition of tourist destinations).

And so it was…

I have spent my life training, travelling and helping others to discover cities and countries…

Until I asked myself ….

What about my city?

And there I was… about to leave the world to embark on the project that would change my life, the project that would give an answer to all those years of learning, cultural synergies and experiences…

and that also allowed me to merge all the knowledge obtained and to be able to offer it in my city?



Most people have a distorted image of the city unfounded by ignorance and the media. The traveller arrives here without expectations, these are true explorers, adventurers, curious and eager to discover what is hidden in this piece of Spain in Africa…and when they arrive and see…OMG! The magic explodes in their heads and they think…, “but how badly Melilla is sold, the world has to know what this place hides” and then they ask… Why Melilla is not promoted as a tourist destination?

And I was there to answer them?

Because I knew and I know that Melilla is different from everything else, it is exotic, it is brave, it is special and that is why I want you to know it beyond the distorted image offered by the media.

So, a little over a year ago my most personal projects were born, becoming the creator and manager of: It begins its journey as a company of guided tours with the aim of disseminating and interpreting the cultural-tourist heritage of Melilla.

In my catalogue of services I offer multiple services for the dissemination of heritage ranging from design and development of cultural routes, guided tours focused on different audiences, travel advice to Melilla, accompanying guides, as well as offering innovative experiences for visitors and other services.

– Solve the problem of finding travel companions.

I organize and carry out trips in small groups in which we look for local contact, adventures, sustainable tourism and respectful with the place.

I also organise tailor-made trips without my accompaniment… Want to know more? Enter

Your guide in Melilla

But Jennifer... Why did you decide to start a business?

But Jennifer...Why did you decide to start a business?

I honestly didn’t decide…it just flowed. 🙂

My experience has led me to see entrepreneurship as a personal attitude, as a drive as a personal attitude, as an impulse that leads us to get out of our comfort zone to build our own future to build our own future, focusing on what really gives meaning to our lives and is important to us. meaning to our lives and is important to us.

It’s not about enriching myself with a brilliant idea, it’s about enriching my life by dedicating myself to what I really love.

Tourists, visitors and Melilla residents need to understand the importance and value of Melilla’s historical heritage through its interpretation, they need to understand our city.

And that is the main objective of my project and this is your chance to get to know Melilla “The great unknown”.

Will you join me?

Official guide
in Melilla

The profession of Tourist Guide is regulated in Spain and the rest of Europe. To carry out this profession you need an official government license. The official qualification of Tourism Guide confirms the years of studies, the knowledge of the guide and authorizes him to practice. Choose well who guides you, a professional and not an “amateur”

Tours and

How many times have you traveled a place, taking thousands of photos and, suddenly, you have realized that you do not know what is in front of you? It is not about taking visitors to a monument, museum, place and telling a pre-defined cultural discourse. It is about making them live that moment, that place, that they enjoy and learn, that they know the history, the anecdotes, the secrets …


Guide bag for companies and cruises

Are you a company or travel agency and are you looking for a local guide for your next combined trip or group event to Melilla or from Melilla? You are in the right place. We have a bag of guides who are thoroughly trained in the cultural tourism sector. By the way, don’t worry about the language, because hWe speak Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Amazigh.

Design your
tailor made trip

Through our travel consultancy we design your itinerary à la carte. Are you curious to visit Melilla, this place that you have been told so much about and you don’t know how? You need help!
My custom route design service is what you are looking for.
Contact us and I will design a tailor-made tour, according to your preferences, time and pocket.

  • star rating  Guía excepcional, apasionada por su ciudad, culta, simpática y guapa.
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    star rating  La densidad de cultura, historia, arquitectura y paisajes de Melilla es tan impactante como su diversidad. Ecléctica, exótica, amable y singular, MERECE la visita y supera las expectativas

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    star rating  Fantástica la experiencia de las rutas de los Fuertes Victoria y el Origen .Nuestra guía Jennifer excelente,transmite mucho entusiasmo .
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  • star rating  Un diez para la guia que amenizó el recorrido y nos explicó la historia de Melilla de forma amena y didáctica, repetiremos

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    star rating  Me gustó mucho la forma en que la guía nos contaba la historia y anécdotas. El recorrido es muy interesante y se hace divertido.

    22 de April de 2022
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